Foot & Ankle Conditions

Foot & ankle conditions are common—unfortunately. We take thousands of steps each day and we can thank the hundreds of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles in our feet and ankles for working together to get us where we need to go. When an injury or condition disturbs the normal functioning of any of these joints, it can result in pain, muscle weakness and limited mobility. Foot and ankle conditions can affect people of all ages.

Common Foot & Ankle Conditions:

Sports injuries

Flat feet

Plantar fasciitis

Foot neuromas

Foot and ankle fractures

Foot and ankle arthritis



Achilles tendon injuries

Pediatric deformities

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What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Desai



Thank you for taking care of me and my injured foot (heel). I sincerely appreciate your care and the attention you show me individually… it means a lot to me and helps build my confidence that we’ll have a positive outcome. Thanks for having my back!  -Patient


Thank you for being such an amazing doctor! I am so thankful you were the one to help me. You did such a great job on my foot. I look at it and say “WOW, it looks so good!” You are so talented at what you do. The ankle and feet are very interesting! You explained everything we needed to know so well. Thank you for all you do. -Patient

The average person takes 10,000 steps each day, don't let foot and ankle pain keep you from living life.

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