Pain on the bottom of your foot is very common. There are several common reasons for pain in these regions:  

  • Pain in the heel is by far the most common source of pain and is known as plantar fasciitis.  The plantar fascia is a thick cord of tissue which extends from the inside bottom of the heel to the toes.  It helps support the arch.  The area of the plantar fascia which hooks to the heel bone can become inflamed.  Pain in the morning and after sitting for a period of time is commonly noted.  Luckily this is treatable 95% of the time without surgery.
  • Pain in the ball of the foot can be caused by Morton’s neuromas or metatarsalgia.  Morton’s neuromas involves the thickening one of the nerves leading to the toes; most commonly in between the 3rd and 4th toes or the second most common in between the 2nd and 3rd toes.  Patients experience burning, tingling and pain extending into the toes.  Tight shoes often make symptoms worse.  Various treatment options including steroid injections, anti-inflammatories, and shoe modifications can be successful in treating this condition. Metatarsalgia is inflammation of the 2nd and 3rd toe joints where the long bones of the foot connect to the toes.  Patients typically experience pain in the ball of the foot and may notice spreading of the toes.  Early treatment is important as claw toe deformities can result from this issue.  Treatments include splinting of the toes, anti-inflammatories, shoe and activity modifications, and stretching exercises.

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